Tourist mistakes you should not make in Sicily

These mistakes will remarkably show that you are a tourist (and also in a bad meaning). We all want to feel locals as much as it is possible. So if you follow our list (which is mostly tried by ourselves) you will fell much more confident during your holidays in Sicily!

Evening life in Trapani

  1.  You bring not enough cash. We advice you to consider the righ amount of cash you bring with you. Yes, they take cards and yes, there are cash machines, but you should remember that Italians prefer cash (you will look strange when trying to pay for ice cream by card of coffee, believe me) and using cash machines may be way too expensive. And important note Рyou will not be able to pay for bus ticked by card. Cash only.
  2. You ask for food in afternoon (from around 1 to 5 p.m.). You should remember that italians take a break from everything in the afternoon. Also kitchen chefs go to beach so you should not expect to get proper food for your late lunch. Ice cream – yes. Cannoli – yes. Pasta – no!!! No chef, no pasta. That is a rule in Sicily. You should respect eating time and eat as a local.
  3. You leave tips as you are used to. No tipping in Italy! Except exceptional service in exceptional restaurant. Service fee is usually charged in your bill so pay attention to it.
  4. Ordering cappuccino after 11 a.m. Cappuccino is a breakfast coffee so if you order it the afternoon (or even worse – with your spaghetti) don’t be surprised to see strange looks.
  5. You order Latte. When you order Latte, don’t be suprised if the waitress will bring you a glass of milk because that’s what latte means in italian.
  6. Eating your pizza with fork and knife. Use your hands like Italians do!
  7. You ask for caffe caldo because it looks similar to “cold”. No no no, in italian “cold” is “freddo”. And “caldo” means “hot”. So if you want to refresh with cold coffee, don’t mix these words.
  8. You try to see as much as possible during the day and in the evening you stay at the hotel. This is also a mistake because most of the people celebrate life in evenings – they go out, eat in the restaurant, take a couple of wines and simply enjoy it. So be sure to join them and relax!