Sicilian ice cream – gelato, sorbet, granita

When we were visiting Marsala (home town for legendary Marsala vine, which is really easy to reach from Trapani) we found a shop window which was saying 110% truth – “without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos”. I guess life would be impossible if there would be no ice cream in such warm island like Sicily. So lets take a look what kinds of ice cream do sicilians have and what more you can find for refreshments.

Ice cream wisdom

Ice cream wisdom

Ice cream in Italy is called gelato. And their gelatos are sooooo good… They are made from fresh milk with fruits, berries, chocolate, pistachios etc. What makes them so special? Quality. When you buy gelato, you get real ice cream with looots of pistachios (and not some green food coloring – real pistachios) and this is amazing. Gelati are extremely tasty because they are frozen in slow mixing so they are very fluffy and contain less fat that we are used to eating ice cream elsewhere.

Another type of ice cream is sorbet. Sorbets are made without milk – just fresh fruit, juice and maybe sugar. And once again – they are also amazing. I tried orange sorbet and I was knocked down how orange it was. I mean the taste – it’s like a bowl of most ripen oranges put in one sorbet portion. Sorbets look like ordinary gelato because they are made in the same way – slowly mixing when freezing.

If you want to refresh but you can’t find any gelateria around, you may try to ask for granita in every cafe. It may also be made from various types of fruits and berries. Granita may even be made of coffee. It will be made of fruit juice, sugar and water and it has a texture of crushed ice (because it is mixed and crushed when frozen). Granitas, just like sorbets, have exploding taste in your mouth. And they are usually served in glass (like martini glass or something similar) – if you eat slowly granita will melt and you will be able to finish it drinking.