Event calendar – when to go to Sicily?

It is always more interesting to have some events happening during your trip so we have prepared a list of events during all over the year just to help you when planning your holiday dates in Sicily. Especially when sicilians are people who love to celebrate so much!

first half of February: Almond blossom festival in Agrigento (a must see).

6th: Byzantine Epiphany Celebrations in Palermo. This event is celebrated though all Sicily, not only Palermo. But Palermo has the biggest celebration.

20th: St. Sebastiano festival that lasts three days and ussually there are a lot of processions, masses and  concerts.

25th: St. Paolo festival, it also ussually lasts for three days.

5th: feast of St. Agatha, patron of Catania. The celebration happens in Catania with lots of processions, food and music.

Carnival week (40 days left to Easter): the biggest celebration happens in Acireale but this festival is held in the whole Sicily. Ussually there are a lot of masses and processions, food and games.

first days of March: carnival in Taormina. It shows how sicilians know the real celebrating should go. Even prizes are given for the best float created for this carnival. Similar carnivals are held in Acireale and Sciacca.

19th: St. Joseph’s festival in Salemi – the day of Saint Giuseppe. It is ussually celebrated in the whole Sicily with special pastries and traditional food.

Good Friday (Friday before Easter): the most impressive processions are held in Trapani, Erice and Caltanissetta. These processions are held in very religious traditions.

25th: ricotta festival in Vizzini. This event is famous in whole Sicily. The whole celebration happens three days and the 25th is the biggest day for ricotta tasting.
On the same day the artichoke festival is held in Serda. Here you can enjoy artichoke eating as much as you can handle… :)

At the very end of April/beginning of May: festival del Vento in Trapani.  Lots of street artists, good local food, music, sailing, kiting and other activities.

second week: world festival in beach of Mondello (near Palermo). All the beach activities are celebrated – windsurfing, kiting, beach volleyball etc.

third weekend of May: flower festival in Noto. Spring is celebrated with flowers, music and dancing. You may also see people in costumes from the 18th century.

last Sunday: festival of Saint Giorgio in Ragusa. Some processions are held to carry the statue of St. Giorgio around the city. Ussually there are lots and lots of fireworks.

second week of June: the famous Taormina film festival. It is held in Greek – Roman amphitheatre. Enjoy your movies along with the view to Etna mountain! You may also find art exhibitions here till September.

10th-15th: festa di Santa Rosalia in Palermo.The fest of the patron of Palermo. A lot of fireworks, processions and plays happen during this festa.

mid July: Kals’Art festival in Palermo for all art lovers. Performances are also held in public squares and streets.

every weekend of July and August: fish festival in Giardini-Naxos (Sagra del Pesce). Here you can meet local fishermen and taste the freshest fish you may get accompanied with the best local wine. Music and decorations help to recreate the fishing village feeling.

10th: Saint Sebastiano festival in Palazzolo Acreide. Lots of masses, processions, live concerts and fireworks.

13th-14th: Madonna della Luce festival in Cefalu. The most impressive view is the night-time boat procession along the coast of harbour.

end of August: Maritime festival in Syracuse. The main event of this festival is regatta.

15th-18th: sorbet and ice cream festival in Cefalu. All is said:)

18th-27th: gastronomical couscous festival in San Vito lo Capo. This is an exhibition followed with degustations and special menus. This festival is all about couscous from chefs from all over the world.

Settimana di Musica Sacre (the festival of holy music) in Monreale. This international music festival lasts for the whole week.

Rally Etna – event for vintage car lovers.

29th  – 2nd of November: All Souls festival (Fiera dei Morti) throughout the Sicily. A lot of sweets and puppets are prepared and decorated for this event.

11th: festival of St. Martino. Celebrated in the whole Sicily. The maturation on new wine is celebrated together with local good food and special sweets.

12th-13th: Saint Lucia (patron of Syracuse) festival in Ortygia.