The Church of Sant’Agostino

One of the must-see landmarks of Trapani is the Church of Sant’Agostino (Saint Augistin’s church), which is now used as a museum (as you can see in pictures below, there is a poster of current exhibition above the entrance. In front of the building is a nice square called Piazza di Sant’Agostino, with a fountain and some little trees on the right.

The exact adress is “Piazetta Sant’Agostino, 91100, Trapani

Chiesa Sant’Agostino was built in early 11th century, and owned by Order of Templar Knights. Later it was given to knights Hospitallers, which used it until 1313. Then brothers Augustinians rebuilt the church in gothic style, and it seems then it got it’s name. It was severely damaged by bombings in WWII.

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