Piazza Mercato del Pesce – Fish market’s square

Prior to globalization transformed Trapani into holiday location, it’s primary industry was fishing. There were several fish markets, and obviously, there should have been be several squares, dedicated for this.

“Mercato del Pesce” is the easiest to spot one, because it is situated near the beaches and old town. Unfortunately, there is no market any more – just a beautiful “piazza”, with a nice statue in the middle. It is adorable from every aspect you may look at it, by the way :)

As I understood from locals, square, surrounding wall and buildings was newly renovated lately, and now city’s government are thinking how to use with the most value to people and the city. Obviously, nobody wants fish smell in the middle of the old town, full of tourists. One evening we saw craft market there, which can be an alternative to sea goods.