The most famous dessert in Sicily – Cannoli

I guess I will not make a mistake calling cannoli the most famous sicilian dessert in the world. Of course sicilians may be thankful to Buddy Valastro – The Cake Boss – who always reminds his show watchers that he is italian guy and his favourite dessert is cannoli!

So if everybody who comes to Sicily must try cannolies – what are they made of? The key ingredient is the freshest Italian ricotta cheese… And lots if ricotta!

Basically meaning of this dessert name is “a tube”. And cannoli is a fried pastry tube filled with fresh ricotta cheese, flavored with vanilla, orange water, pistachios, cherries or chocolate. You may find different sizes of cannolies across Sicily – from finger size to fist size (almost impossible to eat at once, but you may try). Some say that cannolies originated from Arab countries during Emirate of Sicily period (almost 1500 years ago). So long history of this dessert is really impressive for us today.

Also it is impressive how popular cannolies are in USA – with the help of italians who settled there. But the main difference between italian and american cannolies is – how strange – ricotta cheese! To make proper sicilian cannoli you must use sheep milk ricotta and meanwhile american cannoliĀ  will be filled with cow milk ricotta cheese. But if you will somewhere find cannoli filled with mascarpone – avoid it. It will be too fat and far from authentic taste.

And if you also loved cannolies during your trip to Sicily – there a lots of different recipes to try by yourself at home.