Personal transportation in Trapani

This post is for those of you, who are called “petrol-heads” on TV and watches all car shows (even fifth gear). I’m one of them, and I’m spotting far more interesting cars than girls, walking around.

Everybody knows Italy is famous for it’s super-cars, but you will not find them in Trapani, I guess… I haven’t seen anything “super” in more than a week. BUT there are lots of interesting … means of transportation, that local people use in their everyday life.

Comparing to “everything bigger in Texas” way of thinking, it seems people in Trapani are not concerned about sizes of their cars or motorcycles. Most important thing is functionality – and if it is fit for purpose, then it is good to use.

The only “bigger is better” car I saw was this big Rolls-Royce, most probably from Sicilian Mafia times :) So, there are some pictures below – have fun watching!