Public transport in Trapani – buses

There are a lot of opinions that is is better to rent a car than to try to know this island better traveling with public transport. When I was planning our trip to Sicily I found lots of posts in various forums which were telling that you can’t trust buses or trains because they do not know their own timetable! I was a little bit dissappointed at first and then decided just give it a try and see if this is true.

And guess what – it is NOT true!

Actually we have traveled several times by bus and two times by train during our holidays in Trapani and we were pleasantly suprised by accuracy when it comes to time.  But buses don’t go every 5 minutes I would advice to be prepared to plan our journey a little bit in advance. So I would like to encourage you all to try traveling together with local people in trains or in buses – you will see more views and experience authentic italian traveling.

What is also very important is to know that bus drivers do not speak English so you have to tell them where you are going (e.g. Stacione Centrale or San Vito lo Capo).  Only cash is accepted in busses. But if you prefer to buy old-fashioned tickets you may find a kiosk in Porto a few steps from the AST bus stop. For AST buses timetables please check this link and choose “Linee e orari” at the top of the menu.