Getting to Trapani from airport

If you travel to Sicily by plane and you want to stay in Trapani, it’s best to choose flight to Vincenzo Florio airport, also known as Trapani airport (

This small but tidy airport has all necessary amenities, so you can comfortably wait for your bus (or plane on your way back home). Trapani airport is between Trapani and Marsala, so getting to both of these cities cost almost the same and takes approx. 30 minutes and 5 euros (4,90 eur to be exact, but most probably you won’t get your 10 cents back). There is only one bus stop in front of main entrance to the airport and there is information where the bus goes behind it’s windshield. But be sure you are looking for AST bus – they maintain this route.

Bus waits for almost 15 minutes and leaves every hour or so, so for most of us this “waist of time” may be considered acceptable. If going to Trapani, most probably you should be descending at “Central station” or “Port”. There best way to be sure you get there is to tell this to the driver while getting ticket. Just say it and that’s all – most drivers will not speak English. Just let him know where you are going. Then, arrived in Trapani, he will stop and loudly announce “Statione!” And it’s easy to understand you arrived to “Porto” by seing ships, yachts and other watertransport in water :)

“Statione” bus stop is actually in main streat, that leads to municipality, post and downtown. Actual train and bus station is to your left, few hundred meters, but most probably you don’t need to go there. Instead, turn on your GPS and go find the adress of your B’n’B and call your landlord :) Going 50 meters straight will lead you to the spectacular fountain, seen in this blogpost illustration above.

For those thinking that Vincenzo Florio must have been famous war pilot or revoliutionist, short history lesson – born 1883, died 1959 he was italian wine industrialist, “Florio” wine and spice company founder (1832, in Marsala), also known for establishing Targa Florio car race. He was born in Palermo, and car race was also held in surroundings of Palermo, so he was “true Sicilian”, thus the comemorialization.

After winning the race several times, german car manufacturer Porsche named it’s “almost convertible” cars (with big, detacheable sunroofs) “Targa”. Thus a lot of motorheads all over the world, owning anything from new Porsche 911 Targa to and old Honda CRX del Sol or Nissan 100NX should know, theyr roof is called this because of Targa Florio and Vincenzo Florio, of Palermo.