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Welcome to TrapaniGuide.com – your guide to Trapani, capital city of Province of Trapani, and commune of Trapani. We’ve created this blog to help you navigate this beautiful city and it’s surroundings during your vacations – and we encourage you to spend it here!

Me and my wife, “the editors”, fell in love with this cosy town during our first visit –  it’s architecture, beautiful beaches, wonderful people, great food, warm weather, laid-back lifestyle – and we haven’t found any flaws. All these discoveries you will find depicted in this website, dedicated to Trapani and Sicily – with plenty of pictures and authentic impressions. Please feel free to ask questions or comment on topics, you have your oppinion or remarks – this will help others to get a clearer view on where to go, what to do and what to expect during theyr stay here.

Most of the pictures and first-hand impressions in this blog are from summer 2014, so you should have this in mind – f.e. comparing prices we provide here and those you will actually find in Trapani. It’s obvious, you should also check official sources (such as Trenitalia.com , for train tickets, or funiviaerice.it ) for actual pricing, schedules etc.

It would be nice if you would mention this website, if you would consider using our photos on your webpage.

We apologise for any typos or grammar mistakes – English is not our native language – and we are doing our best  :)

So, that’s pretty much all we should say about TrapaniGuide.com – it’s better to start reading it and planning your visit to Trapani. See ya there!

Sergio S.

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